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In addition to mixing & mastering, I also produce records. If you're looking for someone to bring life to your songs, help with arrangements, play instruments, and record you (or your band), these services are available through Soundcave and my network of partner studios. 

It is important to have an objective ear in the room while making a record - someone with experience and an outside perspective who can help make creative decisions easier for the band or artist. When hiring me as producer you'll have my input as a musician/songwriter, as well as my access to many skilled & trustworthy session musicians. I love building tracks from the ground up, and using my experience as an arranger to help draw great performances out of my clients.

Pricing for full production depends on the size of the project and the resources required. I have different options for different budgets, Contact me with a clear description of your project and I'll get back to you with a quote!

Production Sample - Mark Neihart: