Andrew Goldring splits his time between writing, performing, and working on projects for other artists in the studio. He started his recording career in 2012, working out of a makeshift basement studio. Business grew very quickly and in 2014 he opened Soundcave in a commercial space to accommodate the demand for recording local musicians in Salt Lake City, UT. Andrew worked for several years and collaborated with many artists and producers not only from Utah, but all over the world. After completing over 50 projects in three and a half years it was time for a change, Andrew decided to transition the studio into a more personal space for mixing, mastering, and working with artists one-on-one.

"Working with Andrew is such a pleasure. He tackles the big three with ease: engineering, mixing, and producing. He's a pro hiding in plain sight." - Nathan Hussey of All Get Out - Fort Worth, TX
"When looking for a producer and engineer, you need someone who can ensure the product is done right. With Andrew's excellence as a studio wizard and musician, he has rightfully found himself working for clients from all over the country. In my personal experience, working with him ensured I had the best final result possible. I was free to explore knowing he could take the wheel if I took a wrong turn." - James Collington - Providence, RI
“Andrew Goldring produced my latest album ‘57’. He works quickly and accurately, has keen intuition knowing just what the song needs, and the sound… well, listen for yourself. I couldn’t be happier with my tracks.” - Mark Neihart - Salt Lake City, UT
"Andrew was great to work with. It was a memorable experience and we were very pleased with the results. Our album would not sound the same without him!" - Kevin Campbell of Air Ralley - Nashville, TN